Testimonials – Your Soul Warrior


"I am beyond grateful for my session with Meena! Genuinely. She provided me such valuable insights into my life in the most profound of ways. I left with remarkable clarity regarding issues I was previously unsure about. She is both exceptionally down to earth and remarkably well connected with the higher realms. I would recommend her services to anyone open to spiritual guidance and committed to making positive change in their lives. What a wonderful way to invest in yourself and to tune into your spiritual path with an experienced coaching professional! If you're ready, do it."

- Cara C.


"I met Meena through a mutual friend. It’s been several years since I had a tarot reading, so I figured that the opportunity was presenting itself and I’d give it a shot again.  Well, turns out any other rescuing I’ve had didn’t even compare to my experience with Meena.  Our time together was a discussion .. not someone who was just going through the motions.  Meena’s passion for connecting on a personal AND spiritual level are what make her so special.   She’s the type of person you feel as though you’ve known forever .. instant connection, someone who’s genuinely interested in learning more about you.  Meena is the REAL DEAL.  I love her passion for everything she does and the desire to continually educate her clients."

 - Jennifer W.


"After having a Birth Chart Analysis (including an intuitively selected crystal set) and a Tarot Card Reading, I was so impressed with Meena's insight into my life, including long held patterns that I have been unable to break, that I signed up for her Spiritual Life Coaching Program!! 

Meena has a way of explaining things so they make sense.  She speaks truth with compassion, loving kindness, and humor, which motivates me to do the work I need to do.
Since I started working with Meena some amazing things have been happening in my life!  I have been able to manifest an exciting opportunity in my professional career which I have wanted for a long time, but hadn't been able to bring into reality. Now my new business partner and I are on fire creating our dreams!! 
Thank you, Meena, for being our Soul Warrior!! So thankful for you and all you do!!!"

- Heather T.