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We are very excited to offer Akashic Record Readings and Spiritual Life Coaching. Please find the descriptions below and email us to schedule: !


Tarot reading 

Akashic Record Readings

Akashic Record Reading $350

What can you use this information for?

This is the blueprint of your soul. Most people have no idea how malleable the future is. You are extremely powerful at manifesting even if you don't believe that and even one single thought can change the entire trajectory of your life. Trust me I've been testing this for years. I designed this report to give you every single thing you need to help you manifest the life of your dreams. When you know yourself, when you understand how to harness your power, you are unstoppable. The world needs every soul finding their soul mission and living their life's purpose. This is that information handed to you on a platter. If you've ever wondered what your purpose is, who you were in a past life, who your Guides are, how you manifest, what your powers truly are, this is your report. I can't tell how honored I am to bring this to you. I've seen this information transform lives in record time and for me to bring this to you is an absolute privilege that I never take for granted.

Plan for 60 minutes to go over everything. Sometimes we get done earlier but sometimes not! I do all readings through Zoom so once we hammer down a time, I'll send a link to you. Another really cool thing is I invite your past lives and Spirit Guides to the reading and you can actually do a Q&A with them through me.
Here's what you'll learn:

- Soul contracts (if they are expired and need cutting).
- All Karmic lessons

- Past lives that are most beneficial to know about
- Anything passed down ancestrally
- What skills and gifts you have brought with you from past lives and from your work between incarnations.
- Next steps to your Soul Mission
- Your Spirit Guides/those who are looking out for you on this journey
- Which level of the full Spiritual growth experience you're in at the moment and how to progress (there are four levels which come with their own lessons and events).
- Full Chakras analysis- which are out of balance and directions on how to get them back in balance, which crystals are the most energetic match for you specifically, and directions on which Mudras to use. 



Akashic Record Reading + Astral Clearing Session $500

This will be a two part reading. You will receive the full Akashic Record reading, but the main difference is that I will assess your Aura for what we call "Astral debris". There are many lost souls who do not want to cross over and still have an attachment to their last Earth life. They are attracted to the Auras of those currently incarnated and when you have a lot of Astral debris it can REALLY affect your energy levels. When in large numbers I have also seen them give anxiety, confusion, etc. 

Don't get freaked out- they aren't going to pull some horror movie stunts or anything. They mostly just affect energy. During the reading I'll find out how much debris you have and then give you a full clearing session within  the following week.

* The clearing session must be done in the afternoon/evening. This is because you'll most likely be very drained and will need to chill out the rest of the night.


Astral Clearing Session - $175

This session is a stand along astral clearing. This is for people who have already done their Akashic Record Reading, or need to get started on clearings as soon as possible. 



Follow Up Session - $175

A follow up session is for someone who is feeling stuck and still has questions after an Akashic Record Reading has been given. These are 60 minute sessions.



Spiritual life coaching



Group Healing Ceremony- Starting at $500

75 minutes 
The earth has a natural energy field that we can use to completely heal our entire body and live in a constant state of Divine love. When we use this energy and connect with others, we not only feel a surge of love but our DNA literally changes. 
There are 16 levels of Spiritual growth. When I guide someone through this ceremony individually, they will not typically move up a level in that moment. When I guide a group, each person moves up 1-4 levels DURING the ceremony. This means that it is possible to unlock psychic gifts, commune with Spirit Guides and so much more, just from one ceremony. When I started realizing how powerful these changes are, I had to start offering it as a service.
The ceremony will guide you through opening the chakras so that we can receive the earth's energy. Then you are guided through a soul retrieval, which is calling back a piece of your soul that you lost during a traumatic experience in your life, and finally connecting energy with everyone else in the ceremony. It's an extremely powerful meditation and you will truly feel changed almost instantly. Astral clearings are also available and can be incorporated into your event. 
This ceremony is perfect for special occasions. Please email us with the number of participants and we will work on creating the perfect event for you!
*Cancellation Policy*
We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within 24 hours or no-show, you will forfeit your appointment. For reschedules, we will find you a new appointment subject to Meena's availability.