Guides on the Ground Coaching Program – Your Soul Warrior

Guides on the Ground Coaching Program

The time has come to open the doors of the Guides on the Ground Group Coaching Program!

This will be the final time we offer this program in 2021 so if you were thinking about signing up- this is your last chance until January 2022!

 If you already know you're in, email to sign up! Spots are limited to keep this a high quality program where Meena can pay special attention to everyone.


The Vision

I created this program because the world needs lightworkers now more than ever. There are so many people who are stuck, lost and hopeless. Lightworkers can bring them back to their purpose and help them find ultimate happiness and fulfillment. To be quite honest, this world cannot survive unless more Lightworkers understand their worth, rise up and claim their spot as leaders of this Ascension. I know exactly how to grow a Spiritual-based business and now I'm showing you how to as well. I know that those called to my particular message are the future leaders of this movement and I feel a huge call to empower Lightworkers all over the world to not only change lives but live an abundantly wealthy life, as well.

What's a Lightworker?

A lightworker is anyone who uses psychic/spiritual based gifts and knowledge to solve a problem. It's anyone from energy healers to readers to those who sell metaphysical items. I've even had accountants, lawyers and doctors all use psychic gifts to attract clients and grow their business!

What to expect

This is a 4 month program that is designed to push you, challenge you and transform you. You will be asked to bring 100% vulnerability and trust to each group call and shed the aspects of you that are holding you back. Prepare for a lot of difficult transmutation and lots of hits to the ego as you realize what beliefs, judgements, resentments and stories have been holding you back. In order to become the lightworker you want to be and own the business you want, you must reach The Summit of Level 16 and achieve full self awareness. This is a grueling task but SO rewarding when you reach it! I will then help you create a viable offering so you can get your gift out there in the world!

Who is This For?

This program is for you if you KNOW you want to be a lightworker full time, or are a lightworker but can't seem to make enough money to go full time, or you're doing pretty well but you know you're capable of more/still trying to dial in your offering. You are perfect for the program if you are so ready to jump in and do the work. 

The Process

All of us will meet July 1st, 2021 at 5p MDT for a 60 minute onboarding orientation (yay)!
The first month is self guided. You will receive an initial 60 minute session with me, where I will give you the following information: what blocks you currently have and in what chakras, what past life healing is needed, what inner child healing is needed, what invitation is being presented to you in order to level up, your soul mission, your psychic gifts and any other questions you might have. You will then have access to me via Slack where you can ask any questions you want as you go. I will give you continued support through the entire first month as you shed what needs to be shed and advance in levels/gateways. Consider this the priming for the group coaching! If you are at the Summit already, then I will use this month to help you with your business model and offerings.

Coaching Calls

This program comes with my Guides on the Ground course. Each week you will watch the material and then meet with the group to discuss/practice. The group calls will be once a week for 3 hours and will be recorded in case you have to miss. 
In months 2-3 we will work as a group on continuing to transmute blocks, practice psychic skills, and learn how to master our reality. You will receive a 1:1 session with me once per month to help you with anything you're struggling with that might need more attention. You will also have continued contact with me on Slack for any questions.
In the final month, we will talk about business, how to get clients, how to choose your first product/service, how to price your product/service, etc. Don't forget that you have continued access to me via Slack, so you can ask me questions anytime. We will meet every Thursday at 5p MDT over Zoom.

What You Will Learn in the Program

- Every single thing that is holding you back from The Summit of Level 16 and subsequently holding you back in life.
- The following skills: channeling, Akashic Record reading, Astral clearings, manipulating 5D energy, Law of Allowing, how to receive light codes, how to read energy bodies, how to assess Chakra blockage and how to look at timelines with expert skill.
- Your Soul Realm, your Spirit tools, and your Spirit Team
- How to break free from money blocks and be in a constant state of abundance
- Entrepreneurial 101 like how to form a business, taxes, contracts, etc. (please note I am not a CPA or lawyer so I can't give you hella detailed advice but I can share my own personal knowledge having done it).
- How to attract clients and expand your earnings

What You Will Receive:

- Access to me via Slack whenever you need support
- Weekly, 3-hour long coaching calls for months 2-4
- Monthly 1:1 sessions (4 total- $2000 value)
- Access to Guides on the Ground online course ($3,000 value)- you will have lifetime access
- A full energy body cleansing ($5000 value)
- I will use my platform to help you launch your first offering via IG live, promotion, etc.
- Upon graduation I will feature you on my website so that people looking for lightworkers to help them will find you more easily.


Energy Exchange 

The full energy exchange for this four month intensive program is $9,500. You can secure your spot with a deposit of $500 and then pay in installments or pay in full for a discount. They are as follows:

4 monthly payments of $2,250 due on July 1, August 1, September 1 and October 1 (we do not charge extra to pay over time).
Pay in full: $8500 (a $500 savings).


How to Sign Up

Spots are very limited to keep this a high quality program. Email us at ASAP letting us know you're IN! We'll handle it from there!


"It has been the BEST investment I have made in myself. I do not recognize the person I am anymore, and all of it is due to this program. I now stand in my power and use my voice. You dig deep into your soul and get to know yourself. You are shown multiple ways to release trauma/past lives and HOW to find it. Meena gives you the outline of all modalities and always encourages you to make it your own, add your flare. You are shown how to thrive in a spiritual business and creates a safe space to mastermind and find what your offering will be.

Most importantly, you learn to love, accept, value, and appreciate yourself! If you have ever struggled with this, you will have such love and appreciation in every way about yourself and the human experience. Lastly, the space she creates allows for a foundation of loving, supportive sisterhood that is divine."

- Evelyn Figueroa, Akashic Record reader and Herbal Healer


"If you are on the fence trying to decide if you should enroll in the YSW Coaching Program, run don’t walk to sign up. If you are looking to drastically level up and offer your Spiritual Gift as a business, run don’t walk to sign up for the YSW Coaching Program. The way the program is designed to focus on your inner work, to allow yourself to become a clear channel and develop your physic gifts, is simply incredible. Not only was I able to clear my blocks and move through the Gateways on to to the Summit relatively quickly, I watched as my classmates also progressed at at a rate that was astounding. The knowledge and guidance that Meena provides in this course is easy to understand and with practice and dedication, I was able to strengthen my abilities to the point that I felt confident launching my own business by the end of the course. The personalized attention through the small class size and the ability to connect with my classmates was also something I really enjoyed. Meena is an amazing, empathetic teacher who makes this important work FUN! I adore her and would recommend her course to anyone who is serious about getting serious in this kind of Spiritual work."

- Jasmine El-Behary, Founder of Jasmine House Boutique

"This coaching program is pure magic! Meena’s loving energy is so contagious, you can’t help but evolve in her energy. She makes everything feel so easy. The skills I learnt here were things I thought I could never do before this program. It’s one thing to learn normally and it’s another thing to learn the Meena way! I use these skills in my everyday life and to serve all my clients. It has a ripple effect! If you are looking to change the world, this program is a no brainer!
- Kanchana Konnanur, Founder of My Luminous Tribe

"Coaching with Meena truly changed my life... and that feels like an understatement!

No matter what I brought to each session, I left feeling so empowered, so seen, so understood, and ready to take on anything! Meena is incredibly gifted in helping you get on (and stay on) the path to living your soul’s purpose, but she also brings a sense of fun, humor, and relatability to this deep, spiritual work.

By the end of our work together, I was a changed person, no longer stuck in my own way! Meena has been such a blessing, and my only complaint is that she won’t coach me every day for the rest of my life."

- Justine Sloan, Mindset Coach


"I cannot sing enough praise, gratefulness, and respect for Meena Zia, owner of Your Soul Warrior. On paper, I was already a successful person. I am a nurse practitioner and business owner, but I still felt massive low self esteem, low confidence, and I didn’t love myself, aside my from my success. I have always struggled with depression, anxiety, and had been through traditional counseling and psychiatric medication management at various points in my life. Yet, I could never break though a certain point. Meena helped me connect to my old, deeply wounded inner child, and other guides for support. It was the first time I felt truly validated, listened to, and that it wasn’t my fault, for feeling depressed. Instead, I saw that I had to heal the inner child in me, and start rewiring my brain and heart for self love. I also was able to break free from many destructive thoughts and behaviors. If you are willing to put in the work, she will help you heal and find the power within. I can honestly say, I love myself, independent from my success. Interestingly though, once I completed the majority of my own self work with her, my business revenue tripled. My practice now brings in over $50,000 a month, and continues to grow! I have no doubt it is because I now love myself, am learning boundaries, and able to see that I was never broken, only needed to connect to my own power within. I couldn’t have started it without her. I’m forever grateful and am so happy the universe united us."

- Jennifer Hruz, Founder of Viva Wellness

"Meena’s work changed my life in ways I could have never imagined. When I first started working with her, I was living a happy life and working what I thought was my dream career. Working with Meena helped me realize that I was meant for so much more — for something special and bigger than I would ever imagine. Through her teachings, I learned how to tap into my intuition and access my spiritual gifts as an energy healer. I watched as my whole life started to shift for the better. She helped me accelerate my growth as a human and as a soul and reach closer and closer to my destiny. If you’re feeling called to work with Meena, there is a reason for it. Follow that sign and watch everything around you flourish."

- Jessie Quinn, Founder of Moodrie Reiki