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Your Intuition is Blocked and I Have 5 Ways to Fix It


Tapping into my intuition changed my life in so many ways. I’ve found my soul purpose and have figured out a way to build a business around it, I live in my ideal city, I have friendships that will last a lifetime, I have the least amount of anxiety I’ve ever had in my life, and I have cracked the manifestation code and can pretty much call anything I want into my reality.

Don’t let this little story fool you- it took me seven very long and very difficult years to get to this point. The road to your dreams is paved with just actual hell, but it’s so worth it.

From this post you’ll learn how to access your intuition, which is effectively your road map. Getting to your big goals is going to take a lot more than what you’ll learn here, but this is a start. 

So what is “intuition”? Your intuition is basically your inner voice that has access to loads of information that you didn’t know you had. It helps you navigate through tough decisions. It warns you of issues before you actually have them. It’s your guiding light, your north star. It basically makes you feel like you have some super power that gives you a step up in life. Sounds good, right? Sounds like you want to heighten your intuition, yeah? 

Well, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I can help you heighten your intuition and make you feel almost like you’re cheating at life. Like you know some secret no one else knows. The bad news is that, like I said, the road ahead is long and challenging. I’m going to tell you things you don’t want to hear. I know this because I was once in your shoes, reading article after article about intuition and trying to get more in touch with mine. I got to the point where I just felt like well, maybe I just don’t have a strong intuition like other people?

Later on I realized that my problem wasn’t that I lacked a strong intuition (because everyone has a strong intuition), it was that I wasn’t doing the work I had to do to access it. I didn’t want to see that I was my own worst enemy. That I was actually CHOOSING not to listen to my intuition.

Taking a good, hard look at yourself takes a ton of humility and strength, but it’s necessary if you want to level up in life. Therefore, I urge you to read this with an open mind. Lay down your defenses and truly consider the contents of this post and how it relates to you. Here we go...

So like I said, I was choosing not to listen to my intuition. That’s not necessarily true for everyone, but it’s true for most. Your intuition talks to you all the time. People always tell us to listen to our hearts or go with our gut. Those are both ways of communication with your intuition. That’s that unexplainable “feeling” you get. But if you’re like so many other people, you let your brain convince you to ignore it. Why?


Think about it. Your intuition is constantly telling you things you don’t want to hear.

How many red flags did you ignore in your last relationship? Why did you ignore them? Because you knew that if you listened to them, that you’d have to face the music and get rid of something you didn’t want/ weren’t ready to lose. 

How many times did you feel the urge to move to a different city, quit a job or ask someone out but somehow convinced yourself not to? How many times have you settled for second best because going for the gold was too great a risk or too daunting?

Again, I’m not here to judge. My whole life I had a dream of moving out to Los Angeles and starting my own business as a life coach. That dream would just lift me up and make me feel SO alive. I didn’t know about vibrations then but my vibration would SOAR when I imagined that dream life...and then reality would set in. How would I move to LA?! How would I start a business?! Why would anyone want to be my life coaching client when I don’t have anything to show for myself?! And so I talked myself out of it. Every. Single. Time. Since 2010. THAT’S NINE YEARS, PEOPLE. As I continued to ignore my intuition, it was like I was saying “shhhhhhhh, I don’t want to hear you”. And over many years of ignoring that little voice it slowly starts to get quieter and quieter, making it even easier to ignore. Then some crazy ass crystal lovin’ Tarot readin’ high vibration manifestin’ Spiritual Life Coach (me) comes around and tells you that your intuition will guide you to your dream life and you’re like well what do you mean how do I listen to this magical voice that tells me all these secrets?!?!?! Just know that you’ve been aware of it your whole life, even if only a tiny bit.

Now this next part is very important. It’s easy to realize you don’t have your dream job when you’re in a job you hate. But what if you’re in a job you actually like? You know it’s not your DREAM, but you really do love it. What then? This is the most dangerous scenario.

When I look back, I think wtf was I doing? But the real truth was that I wasn’t unhappy with my life at all! I loved my job, I had a boyfriend I really cared about, I had amazing friends and family all around me, and sure I was broke but I wasn’t on the street. You can really make money stretch in Milwaukee, WI- and I did. I loved Wisconsin, and I still do! This is why trusting your intuition is so hard. My intuition was saying, “dump him and move to Los Angeles. You’re going to start a successful business! Do it!!”. But my fear was saying, “wha?!?! Leave?! But you have a job you love! And amazing friends and family! And a boyfriend! Nah, don’t risk all that”. 

Hating your current life circumstance is pretty good motivation to change. But what if you were like me- living a pretty good life already? If you are living a decent life, going for your DREAM life is even further from your grasp because there’s a ton of risk for no guarantee of a reward. This is why I’m writing all of this. You might be in a job you don’t like, which is why you want to tap into your intuition and see what your purpose is so you can find your dream job. That makes complete sense. If you have a job you like, that’s so great… but is it your dream? Does your job help you fulfill the reason you were born on this earth? Is this your soul mission type job? Because everyone has a soul mission, a soul purpose and there’s a job specifically designed for you. And if there’s not, you have the power to create your own. Your intuition knows what that is and where to find it, but you’ll have to take the leap. Some of you may understand what I’m saying completely, others may think yeah I get it but there’s just too much to lose.

Your intuition doesn’t understand failure. It doesn’t understand risk. It doesn’t understand “looking stupid”. These are human constructs. These are not emotions we were born with. We developed these over time. Insecurity isn’t a thing when you’re young. You roll around in the mud and splash in puddles and do all kinds of crazy stuff because you live in a perpetual state of wonder! What happened to us? 

We started caring about what other people think. We started wanting to be like everyone else. We didn't want to be different or stand out in any way. As we got older, our need to be liked by others got stronger and stronger. We coveted being “a popular kid” in school. We wore clothes that were recognized as “cool”. Then we started being attracted to people and caring A LOT about what they thought. 

This created a phenomenon that all of us now feel: Insecurity. Feeling like there are things about you that are not accepted. Feeling unsafe. Feeling unprotected. So now we seek external things to make us feel secure, loved and accepted. People, items, surgeries, IG likes, etc. 

When you have a strong relationship with yourself, intuition comes easy. You feel so secure and so loved that you do not fear loss of external items or constructs. Getting fired- who cares. I believe in myself and I’m confident I’ll find another pretty quickly that is probably way more suited for my abilities. Getting dumped- that’s fine. If they dumped me that means they don’t understand my worth, so I don’t really want to be with them anyway. When you’re tapped into your intuition, you’re tapped into ultimate self love and confidence. 

You can lose everything else, but you’ll only lose yourself on your dying day. When this concept really resonates inside you, making huge life decisions will seem WAY less daunting and you’ll always feel that your dreams are in reach. You’ll perpetually feel safe, because your relationship with yourself is your safe place. Not a big house, not a relationship, not a fat bank account. Just you and the pride for who you are.

Ok so now that I’ve gotten that rant out of the way, here are my 5 steps to tapping into your intuition. Some are obvious, some may not be. These can all be done simultaneously if that’s not too disconcerting, but please do take your time. Build a solid foundation now and everything else down the road will be easier. Don’t build a castle on quicksand.


1. Stop asking people questions for which you already know the answer.

You know what I’m talking about. Stop asking your friends what you should say to your crush. Stop asking people which outfit you should wear when you’re getting ready to go out. We communicate with ourselves through actions as well as thoughts. When you ask for someone’s opinion immediately without first asking yourself, you are effectively telling yourself: “your opinion isn’t good enough”. If you can’t trust yourself, you can’t trust your intuition. These things really are connected.

Note: If you are asking about something for which you really don’t know the answer, such as legal or financial advice, then please do seek the answer from someone who gets paid to know these things. That’s your litmus test. Does your friend pay their bills by giving dating advice? Does your friend get paid to bounce any sort of ideas off of them? No? Ok then don’t ask them. 

Another note: Unless it’s a parent or guardian or guardian type figure who, without fail, replies, “What does your gut tell you?”. Anyone who says that is wise beyond their years and should always be consulted for everything.

I’m not trying to be harsh!! I know a lot of you will not understand why this is such a big deal. “Who cares if I ask my friends what they think? I’m just getting their opinion.”

I understand that, but you’re being swayed by their opinions. If you can’t trust your own opinion on simple things, do you see how that’s concerning? You actually feel way more self conscious when you go with someone else’s opinion because it’s not your own. You don’t wear someone else’s decision proudly. DO YOU FEEL ME ON THIS?! Just give it a try- that’s all I ask.


2. Have full on conversations with yourself.

You heard me right. When faced with a problem, ask yourself: “What should I do?”. Then make a list of literally everything that comes to mind. My personal rule is that I have to write down at least 10 things. You’ll probably notice that the problem really isn’t nearly as huge as you thought, and that you can indeed come up with some pretty damn good answers (on your own)! Yay!

While you do this, take note of your body’s reaction to problems. Where do you feel the worry? In your gut? Does your heart race? As I said before, conversations with yourself happen physically as well. Notice how your body reacts.


3. Meditate.

Ok this one’s not as fun for me to write down because every site ever will tell you to meditate… and they’re absolutely correct. Close your eyes and just study yourself. Try to think about absolutely nothing. Now, notice your thoughts. Where do they go? Do you start worrying about something? Do you start making a mental to-do list for your post meditation morning? 

Now imagine that thought floating out of your brain. Does it go away? Can you actually let go of that thought without it coming back? Take note of how your mind operates.

This is a good strategy because there is a large, self made wall that separates you from yourself. We don’t really know that much about ourselves. We know what we want to know. We know what is safe to know. If we discover something too “real”, then we’re going to have to do something about it. And we don’t want to do that because that usually involves risk! And fear! And vulnerability! Think of it as going on a date with yourself. Get to know yourself as you would someone else. 


4. Write down your dreams.

Your intuition is a very very very quiet voice which is often drowned out in the sea of other people’s opinions (see Step 1). When you start doing loads and loads of Steps 1-3, you will train your brain to be introspective. You will instinctively search for answers within yourself. This tells your intuition, “I’m listening to you”. The first place that these answers will come will be in your dreams. Make sure you’re writing them down, no matter how crazy and unrealistic they are. I regularly go back and re-read dreams I’ve had and often times will have an epiphany about the meaning many months after the fact.


5. Move your body.

The Mind- Body connection is REAL. If you feel weighed down physically, you’ll be weighed down mentally. You need to be vibrating high if you want to be able to listen to yourself. If you’re feeling upset, mad, anxious, etc., then you’ll be preoccupied with your worries and won’t be able to hear your inner voice. Don’t forget: the intuitive voice is very quiet. Any distractions will drown it out. We are trying to get rid of all distractions. This is also why Step 2 is important. You may be able to calm your mind,  but if you don’t calm your body’s reaction it will trigger your mind again- creating a vicious cycle.

I HIGHLY suggest adding some sort of movement to your daily routine. Even a 20 minute walk around your neighborhood is great. I work out for an hour every day. I really don’t feel like doing it pretty much ever, but I do it anyway because I know the effect it has. Sometimes I go hard with the workouts my trainer sends me, sometimes I go to a yoga class, and sometimes I just go for a walk while jamming out to Backstreet Boys followed by some light stretching. Just do something. Anything. 

Honestly, personal dance parties are a pretty amazing way to kick up your vibration. I start every morning by lip syncing Beyonce songs while jump roping. You don’t need to jump rope, you can just fist pump or shake your booty or do whatever. Get pumped up!! Moving your body in an energetic way is very calming to your brain and makes it way easier to handle issues during the day.

Alright, y’all- get started with these steps. Once you’ve mastered these, you’ll start to notice a lot of changes happening. Make sure you comment below or slide into my DMs here if this post speaks to you! You can also post your progress on IG and tag me. I love to watch you guys soar!


Until next time,


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