Selenite – Your Soul Warrior



If you get so stressed that you consistently find yourself on a one way train to crazy town, Amethyst is for you. I always say it's like nature's Xanax. It's the ultimate tranquilizer. Actually, back in the day they used to believe that Amethyst prevented drunkenness, so they would make cups out of it or wear it around their necks during celebrations. It's used today to help with addictions of all types.


Metaphysical properties:

  • A powerful cleansing stone
  • Cleanses the aura as well as other stones
  • Amazing stress reliever
  • Heightens intuition

Other specs:

  • Chakra: Third eye, Crown and higher crown
  • Best for: Taurus
  • Moh's Scale: 2
  • Water friendly: No
  • Origin: China, India, Madagascar, Morocco


Always always, you must cleanse, charge and program your crystal. If you don't know how to do that, check it out here.

The last step, programming, is arguably the most important. I sound like a broken record talking about programming so much but it cannot be over-stated.

What you'll say:

"I program you to cleanse my aura as well as other crystals."

"I program you to spark my intuition with mental clarity."

"I program you to reduce my stress and promote inner peace."


Use Selenite after a long day. Hold in your hands and feel yourself being cleansed of all the energy you no longer want to hold onto it.


Place crystals on top of Selenite to cleanse and charge them. You can place in the same way as Black Tourmaline- in each corner of your house/room/etc.

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