New Moon in Gemini Ritual- June 2019 – Your Soul Warrior

New Moon in Gemini Ritual- June 2019

Hi all!

For those who have recently started following me, I am a... different sort of spiritual guide. I always like to add as much empirical data as possible, meaning I'm not all about the woowoo- I like hard facts. I also like to be real and straight up. That being said, I believe there are things out there we can't explain. I believe there are things in this world that we don't have the ability to measure. I personally get really excited about the phenomena we can't prove, but I also have a passion for making these things palatable to the doubters and naysayers. 

The reason I'm bringing this up is due to the term "ritual". The ritual I do is not witchcraft, it's not magick, it's not "scary". I have nothing against those who practice witchcraft, it's just not my schtick. I use spiritual guidance to help you discover who you are and to help motivate you to reach new heights. My company is based on personal development through spiritual growth, for I believe they go hand in hand.

Without further ado- let's begin!


About this New Moon

This New Moon is in Gemini. Whatever sign the moon is in, all of us will feel that specific energy for that period of time. I love Gemini because it's the sign of social exploration, playfulness, creativity and communication. These are all very necessary and positive traits. So for this moon, choose any (or a few) of these attributes to adopt into your life. Gemini is also known for having two faces- two sides to their personality. I'm choosing to tackle the two sides of my personality that can conflict (the rational science lover and the spiritual hippie). I'm trying to accept this duality in my life and find a happy balance.

Now let's say you're very uptight- you may choose creativity and playfulness. Let's say you are shy and more of a homebody- you may choose to be more social and step outside of your social comfort zone. This is all about your personal growth and development, so it's completely your choice.


What you'll need:

  • Sage or Palo Santo stick
  • Crystals of your choice based on what aspect you've chosen. Here's a quick guide for you.
    • Creative and playful: These colors can vary. I usually use: Citrine, Tiger's Eye, Carnelian, Fluorite, Green and Honey Calcite.
    • Social/Communication: Blue crystals (Blue Kyanite, Blue Apatite, Amazonite, Blue Calcite).
    • Self exploration/self acceptance: Green or pink crystals (Rose quartz, Malachite, Emerald, Rhodonite, Ruby Zoisite, Green Aventurine). I also love to use Moonstone because it helps with any emotional changes that may result.
  • A white candle (but any color is fine)
  • A bowl or cup of water
  • A piece of paper or journal
  • A pen (they say blue ink is best since blue aligns with the Throat Chakra)


Step by Step

  1. Sage your environment. Walk counter clockwise around your home, asking that all negative and unwanted energies be released from this space. Make sure you have windows open so the unwanted energy can escape.
  2. Light the candle to let your Spirit Guides know you are present. They will help you during your journaling session.
  3. Take out your journal and write out your intentions for this New Moon. You can write for however long you want, but make sure you're really imagining the thing you want to manifest as if you already have it. If you're looking to be more social, imagine you're at that swanky party working the crowd and getting to know everyone. Write out what that feels like. Make sure your language is super positive. For example: don't say "I am not shy". All you're thinking is "shy", so that's what you're manifesting. Instead write "I am social and charismatic". You want to really hone in on your goals and get as specific as possible. This is how we will decide what our affirmation language is going to be.
  4. Now we are going to want to cleanse our crystals. Take the sage and gently let the smoke wrap itself around the crystal. Imagine all the old energy just floating away with the smoke. 
  5. Next we will program our crystals. Take the crystals in your hands and say "I program you to elevate my vibration and help me ...(fill in the blank based on what you wrote in your journal)". Make sure you're really in the moment with very specific intention. Remember: everything you want is something you already have inside you- it's just waiting to come out.
    1. An example: When I programmed my Rose Quartz I said, "I program you to elevate my vibration and help me love myself unconditionally. I program you to help me fill my heart with joy and acceptance. I am grateful for you."
  6. Set up these items somewhere in your home, creating your alter. You can arrange them however you want. Every day for the next month, go to your alter, grab the crystals and read your goals again. Imagine them happening and feel the gratitude that comes along with it!

I think you'll be shocked at how quickly the changes start happening. You will begin to see new opportunities come into your life. Take them! Manifestation happens when you combine intent with action. 

Good luck y'all! See you soon.

<3 Meena

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