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In 1770, Moravian missionaries in Labrador, Canada discovered Labradorite. Little did they know, that this feldspar mineral was the stuff of magic. Long used by the Inuit tribes of Labrador and Beothuk people of Newfoundland, it is believed that Labradorite crystal attains its magical element from its original home––the frozen fire of the northern lights. So if you’ve found yourself a bit cynical, uninspired, cloudy-eyed, and a bit too grounded for your own taste, consider honing the powers of Labradorite. After all, who can’t use a little magic in their lives?


Metaphysical properties:

  • Stimulates higher consciousness
  • Strengthens intuition and extrasensory perception
  • Cultivates deeper spiritual connection
  • Develops a higher sense of sensitivity such as the power of touch to heal

Other specs:

  • Chakra: Throat and crown
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo
  • Moh's scale hardness of 6-6.5
  • Found in: Canada, Norway, and a variety of other locations around the world.


As always, respect your crystals and it will respect you. Cleanse via smudge, not water,  and program your crystal. Need a refresher on how to do this, check out my previous blog here.

What you'll say:

"I program you to help me manifest whatever I want."

"I program you to use your magic to fulfill my destiny."

"I program you to heighten my intuition and send me psychic messages."

Elaine Welteroth once said that “the magic of life is having a vision, having faith, and then going for it.” If you are to manifest magic in your own life,  you must listen to your own wisdom. It means you must remain open to the idea that within you lies infinite possibilities. Because guess what, it’s true.


With your Labradorite, imagine yourself manifesting whatever you want, no matter how out of reach. Remember that this is a stone of magic- it doesn't have to feel plausible- anything is possible. Look at how it shimmers- that's the magic inside.


Keep Labradorite in work or shared spaces. This crystal is a motivator, think marathon coach but without the cardio. Labradorite fosters engagement and excitement in team settings, so if you and your colleagues have a big project due, keep this crystal near you. On an individual level, It is also a great stone to keep with you as a reminder that anything you want is possible and will come to you if you're open to it!


Interested in other crystal for particular needs? Feel free to browse around the blog to find more information on other crystals. As always, find me on social media and ask me anything you want. (@yoursoulwarrior).

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