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This 3 Step Morning Routine will Instantly Raise Your Vibration and Keep it There

In case you are new to YSW, I talk A LOT about "vibration". Your vibration is the energy frequency that exists in your body. In theory it would stay at a very high state, but unfortunately we allow it to change as a reaction to negative external forces (some that have built up over time and you now accept as your own thoughts).

Your vibration really affects your life experience. Vibrating at a high level allows you not only to be happier, but it brings to you the things you want in life. This is why manifestation only works if you're vibrating high. 

The highest vibration is Enlightenment, according to David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., who is arguably one of the most renowned Spiritual teachers in the world. Reaching Enlightenment is a process, but right under that highest rung is the feeling of peace. That's something we've all felt at one time or another.

So let's pause for a second. When was the last time you felt true peace? For me it was sitting on the rocks at Dream Lake in Colorado. I was watching the water flowing and feeling nature's beauty all around me. In that moment I felt true, unequivocal peace. Try to think of what that means for you before moving on in this blog- you'll need it later!

You know you're vibrating at a low frequency when you're not feeling that peace. Dr. Hawkins says the lowest vibrations include anger, grief, shame and guilt.

Take stock of your current vibration. Are you closer to peace, or are you closer to anger, guilt or shame? Let's clean up that vibe, shall we?!

Here are 3 quick steps to do in the morning that build a solid vibrational foundation for your day. This will take you no more than about 15 minutes and will set your whole day up for success- all from the comfort of your own bed! 

1. Do Not Look at Notifications

If your phone doubles as your alarm clock, then you're allowed to look at it ONLY to turn off the alarm. Do not look at the notifications. I repeat:


Why? Your mind is EXTREMELY vulnerable in the morning. Think about it: you've just woken up after many hours in hibernation with absolutely no voluntary thoughts, movements or actions. Now all of the sudden you're getting sensory overload with all of these sounds, smells and thoughts coming at you all at once. Now let's say you check your phone and read a rude or disappointing text/email/DM from someone. Your reaction will not be a good one. Now you're starting your day off feeling bad or anxious or mad or sad or all of the above (low vibration). Either way, you're flooding your body with unnecessary cortisol and all sorts of other yuckiness. For this reason, you must run through the rest of these steps before carrying on with your day.

 2. Empty Your Brain

Some crazy stuff happens in that mind overnight. That’s because we process all the information from that day while sleeping, which can be why you have crazy dreams- it’s all part of the processing... process. So this is where I trick you into journaling which I know all of you love and hate me for. Take out your journal which SHOULD ALREADY BE AT YOUR BEDSIDE. Journal for just a few minutes. This is just a brain dump strategy. Nothing has to really make sense or follow any sort of formula, just write about the sleep you got, any dreams you had, etc. I bet you'll be surprised by what comes out.

3. Visualization

Remember how I described the feeling of unequivocal peace earlier? You're going to bring at that memory for this exercise.

Sit up in your bed, close your eyes, and take 10 deep breaths. As you do this, take yourself back to that time of peace. Feel it. Live in it. See it all around you. Keep imagining it until you can literally feel your whole body relaxing. Until all your problems are melting away and nothing in your brain exists except peace, joy and love. Try to hold it as long as you can, then count backwards from 10 and open your eyes at "one".

*This might be difficult at first, especially if you're going through a tough time in life. Just give it a shot. It doesn't happen overnight but I promise it will become easier and easier. I'm living proof.

How does that sounds to everyone? Easy enough, yeah? Ready to give it a shot? Awesome!! Let me know how it goes. Tag me in your IG story so I can watch your progress!


Until next time,

<3 Meena

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