Fluorite – Your Soul Warrior


If The Thinker, by Auguste Rodin, were to be carrying a crystal in his hand, it would indubitably be a Fluorite.  Called “The Genius Stone” for centuries, Fluorite stimulates electrical charges in the brain, helping us absorb and process new information more efficiently by turning our mental chaos into structure.  Fluorite brings clarity to our thoughts and helps us see things from a new and balanced perspective. The word fluorescent is actually derived from this crystal!  Try holding Fluorite up to the sunlight and you will be in awe of its translucence and beaming bright colors.  Fluorite is found in nearly every color of the spectrum and can even be multi-colored or have a banded pattern.   It is one of the most sought out crystals in the mineral world and comes in many different stunning natural geometric shapes!  
Are you looking for the sharpest and brightest divinity tool in the box? Fluorite is here to be your natural adderall, helping you to maintain your focus, stay on track and get shit done!  Do you need help finishing a task? Do you need to get back in alignment with your highest self?  Do you need to speak up and ask for what it is that you really want?  
Basically, ARE YOU READY? Fluorite is waiting! 
  • Name: Composed of Fluorine, which comes from the Latin word “fluere”, meaning to flow
  • Chakra: All, depending on color
  • Zodiac: Pisces, Aquarius
  • Element: Air
  • Moh's Hardness Scale: 4
  • Water friendly: No, it’s actually softer than it looks!
  • Origin: All over the world: England, France, Spain, Russia, China, South Africa, USA

Metaphysical properties

  • Helps us think on our feet
  • Relieves mental disturbances
  • Stimulates thought, focus and concentration 
  • Helps us complete tasks 
  • Speeds up any healing process


When I am feeling like a total space cadet, I reach for my Rainbow Fluorite and hold it in my left hand for an instant re-boost.  When any planet is in retrograde, I’ll carry it with me during that time to help me stay on track and in my lane.  Fluorite calls to me when I am having trouble with self-distraction or when I am stumbling and fumbling over my words, thoughts and actions.  When I need a little pick me up, am needing to get back in my zone and achieve mental balance, I trust in Fluorite to carry me through to the finish line! 
If you are ready to channel your inner “Thinker”, be sure to spend some time cleansing and programming your Fluorite.  Since Fluorite both absorbs and transmutes negative energy, it needs cleansed at least once a week to stay on top of its A-game.  Need some inspo as to what sort of programming you can use with your Fluorite? We’ve got you covered below:


"I program you to bring me peace and balance."
"I program you to bring me focus and concentration.”
"I program you to help me see this task through to completion.”
“I program you to bring me clarity and insight.”


When meditating with Fluorite I suggest starting in a seated position, holding Fluorite in your hands.  You can then begin to deepen your breaths, and allow yourself to create a pattern of breathing in a loving white light and breathing out peace.  Try to stick to this breath pattern and maintain this cycle for at least 10 rounds.  You can then begin to repeat any intention you may have, and allow Source energy to flow through you and your Fluorite, gently bringing you back into re-alignment. 


Place Fluorite on your desk or around your computer, work area, and allow Fluorite to bring a fresh air of focus and creativity into your productive environment.  We don’t suggest sleeping with your Fluorite, as it’s a natural stimulant and may keep you tossing and turning!

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