Carnelian – Your Soul Warrior



"Extraordinary things are always hiding in places people never think to look," writes novelist Jodi Picoult. I bring this sentiment to your attention because most often than not looking in the unknown takes courage. If you’ve been feeling less like Fantastic Mr. Fox and more like The Cowardly Lion, I suggest you consider a mood boost from our crystal friend––Carnelian. Carnelian, dear reader, is the courage stone. Not only is it one of the earliest stones to be discovered and used in Roman times as a seal via a signet ring, but it was also worn as a jewelry to increase blood flow and get the heart pumping.  Carnelian helps to circulate this vital energy. No wonder why past kings donned these reddish and orange crystals to bring them prestige and pride, but you need not be a king to seek aid from these crystals.


Metaphysical properties:

Boosts creativity, sexuality, confidence, feeling of "being alive".

Enhances whatever you're already doing.

The adderall of the crystal world without the negative side effects.

Other specs:

  • Chakra: Solar Plexis
  • Zodiac: Taurus, Cancer, Leo
  • Moh's Scale: 6-7
  • Origin: India, Brazil Uruguay
  • Best way to cleanse: Smoke


Before you set your intention and put your crystal to work, make sure you clear and cleanse it. Crystals absorb energy like sponges, often responding to the inputs of all different energies around them. So it’s very important to clear and cleanse them. One of my favorite ways of recharging my crystal is the smudge method. Light up your smudge stick of choice and blow out the fire so that all you're left with is billowing smoke. If you don't know how to do that, check it out here.

The last step, programming, is arguably the most important. I sound like a broken record talking about programming so much but it cannot be overstated.

What you'll say:

"I program you to give me courage and strength."

"I program you to boost my confidence."

"I program you to help me get shit done."

Don’t limit yourself to these intentions, of course. You, yourself, know best what you need.  Carnelian is a generous crystal and if you are true and clear to it, it will carry your intentions out for you.


I want you to think of a moment in your life where you turned an impossible task to a possible and successful one. You know this because you remembered your back straightened and your head lifted. Hold this image in your mind while holding your Carnelian in your hands. Breathe in the power and strength you are feeling. Now think of the new goal you have chosen to task your Carnelian with. Imagine yourself in that goal and most importantly, imagine yourself CRUSHING it.


Carnelian is best in your pocket or on your person. It's your coach in your corner pumping you up and getting you hyped. Additionally, you should put it anywhere you need a boost in workflow and confidence. It's a great stone to have at work if you're in sales or anything involving high stakes competition. So what are you waiting for? Go show the world the new confident you.

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