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Aura Quartz


By Olivia Emswiler February 8, 2019



Talk about next level!  Aura Quartz is a mystical showstopper here to rock your world and take your vibrations through the roof, well your crown chakra, quite literally.  Coming out hot since the 80’s, these rainbow metallic babies are ready to move any stale energy out of your body and connect you right to Source through your your energetic chakra system.  Aura Quartz is a naturally occurring Quartz crystal that is placed into a vacuum sealed chamber that’s heated to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit, and then vaporized precious metals are pumped into the chamber. When precious metals and Quartz connect in this way, the metals adhere permanently to the crystal.  The precious metals typically used range from platinum, gold, silver and titanium.  


Some have qualms with these crystals being technically man made or “enhanced”, but really Aura Quartz is formed by only 2 elements, the Quartz crystal and the precious metal, both which are pure in and of themselves.  By utilizing the ancient methods of alchemy and synergy, the high vibrational properties of both the Quartz crystal and the precious metal are amplified.  Together they create a powerful aura and vibrational frequency that is truly beyond anything found in nature.  Intrigued?  You need one of these show stoppers in your life!  


Side note: There are a TON of variations of Aura Quartz crystals out there.  There are also a TON of cheaply made fakes.  Here at Your Soul Warrior, we proudly carry Angel Aura Quartz, Aqua Aura Quartz and Sunset Aura Quartz. Each one is hand picked and individually tested for authenticity.  To find out more about spotting fakes, head over to our YouTube channel and watch our short video that explains spotting fakes in detail.  To learn more about Aura Quartz and the variations we carry here at Your Soul Warrior, continue reading below, or check out our short video on YouTube!



  • Name: An “Aura” is the distinctive energetic atmosphere surrounding any person, place or thing, carrying a full spectrum colors similar to a rainbow
  • Chakra: Crown, and all others
  • Zodiac: Aquarius 
  • Element: None in particular
  • Moh's Hardness Scale: 7
  • Water friendly: Yes!
  • Origin: USA


  • Precious Metal Used: platinum & silver
  • Brings clarity
  • Connects you to your angel guides
  • Brings about a sense of inner peace and calm
  • Activates, integrates and purifies all chakras
  • Boosts joy and optimism
  • Rejuvenates the aura

  • Precious Metal Used: 24K gold
  • Helps us speak our truths in a loving and clear way
  • Activates throat chakra
  • Stabalizes emotions
  • Rebalances the aura
  • Clears the mind of irrational fears
  • Helps ease self-expression

  • Brings motivation and inspiration
  • Helps release suppressed emotion
  • Stimulates kundalini energy
  • Helps to manifest change
  • Enhances self-esteem 
  • Promotes confident action


Metaphysical properties of Aura Quartz


  • Connects you to your higher levels of consciousness
  • Brings clarity and peace to any situation
  • Boosts third eye and crown chakras
  • Cleanses the aura and entire chakra system
  • Clears negative energies around you 
  • Aids in meditation and dream recall



I carry around my Aura Quartz when I am wanting to stay tuned in and tapped into my intuition.  When I am doing spiritual work such as journaling, meditating, practicing yoga, or having an important conversation with someone, my Aura Quartz is always close by to support my connection to my highest vibrational self.  Using my Aura Quartz, I am really able to look at my life through a clearer lens with heightened senses and an increased attunement to Source energy.  With Aura Quartz by my side, I feel confident in trusting the voice of my inner best friend and am able to quiet the voice of my inner critic and really let my intuition shine forth.   Does this high vibe situation sound right up your alley?  Sounds like you may need to invest in an Aura Quartz to take your intuition to the next level! Woohoo! 


Ok, so you’ve made the plunge, you’re ready for the next step! When you get your Aura Quartz home, first things first, spend some time cleansing your crystal.  You can smudge your Aura Quartz with Sage, Palo Santo, or any other smudge stick of your choice.  


After your Aura Quartz is freshly cleansed, it’s now ready to be charged up with some intentions.  It’s time to program your crystal!  Start thinking about how you’d like to use your Aura Quartz.  Are you seeking a higher connection?  Are you working on listening to your inner voice?  Perhaps seeking clarity?  Here are some examples:



"I program you to shine clarity into my life to help me see my vision more clearly."

"I program you to heighten my intuition.”

"I program you to enhance and uplift the energy and vibrations around me.”

“I program you to bring me peace, balance and tranquility .”






Aura Quartz is a phenomenal meditation tool.  Since this crystal stimulates your chakra centers, when you are seeking to ground down, cleanse your aura, and tune in to Source, grab your Aura Quartz and place it in your left hand, your side of receiving.  Once you’ve settled into meditation spot with your Aura Quartz, begin to then close your eyes and draw your gaze inward.  Begin to slow down your breath by taking some deeper inhales and exhales.  Now place your attention to your third eye chakra, the space between your eye brows, and begin to visualize a stream of white light energetically streaming through your body, cruising up from the base of your spine, through your stomach, through your lungs and heart space, all the way up through your throat,  continuing behind your eyes, through your nose, and completely soaring through the top of your head.  You are completely encased by this soft white light. Breathe into this all encompassing calm energy and if the quiet is perhaps too much for you, it’s ok, just begin to slowly speak your intentions in your mind, feeling the connection of your Aura Quartz in your hand.  


You can also place your Aura Quartz on your pillow, by your head,  before going to sleep to enhance a clear mind and openness to a higher connection in your dream world. 




 Place Aura Quartz in your bedroom or sacred space to bring in blessings of higher consciousness Source energy. 


That's it guys! Check me out on IG (@yoursoulwarrior) to see more, and check out my Youtube for a full video on aura quartz by clicking here.


Talk soon!





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