Aquamarine – Your Soul Warrior


This oceanic blue-green beauty emanates the purity of the ocean and channels the relaxation of the sea.  Aquamarine is a stone of courage and protection.  Ancient seamen would wear and carry Aquamarine to protect them on long journeys across land and sea.  Aquamarine is mainly a throat chakra crystal, as it promotes self-expression, clears communicative blocks and encourages clarity of thought. But Aquamarine also stimulates the heart chakra and invites one to look at any emotional situation from another perspective.  Aquamarine helps one to realize their innermost truth, and powerfully generates energy from the heart to the throat chakra.  This facilitates a release of any old behavioral patters that no longer serve us.  Are you intrigued by this gentle and powerful beauty?  
  • Name: Comes from the Latin term “Aqua Marinus” meaning water of the sea 
  • Chakra: Primary-Throat, Secondary-Heart
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • Element: Water
  • Moh's Hardness Scale: 8
  • Water friendly: Yes
  • Origin: Brazil

Metaphysical properties

  • Calms fear and worry
  • Deepens ones meditative state and calms an overactive mind
  • Helps one to think and act on the fly
  • Encourages intellectual growth and inner knowledge
  • Promotes self-expression and clear communication
  • Releases negative behavioral patterns


Aquamarine is very helpful to have close by when you are having to speak in public, teach, or give a presentation of some sort.  Bringing Aquamarine with you will help keep your thoughts from getting jumbled, and wash away any social anxiety or fear.  The cleansing aura of Aquamarine will soothe your worry and calm the chaos swirling around in your mind.  When you are seeking a more effective way to share your inner truth and emotions, Aquamarine will inspire you to speak up from the depths of your heart, and help you feel confident to express your most authentic self.  Since Aquamarine is also a wonderful stone for protection, I love to bring it with me when I travel to keep me stress free on my journey.  A gentle and powerful giant, Aquamarine is both protecting and grounding, soft and strong, compassionate and courageous, and stabilizes both chaos and inner peace.  Wow.  Need I say more? 


"I program you to protect me on my travels.”
"I program you to connect me to my inner most truth.”
"I program you to clear any communication blocks.”
“I program you to bring me courage in self-expression.”


Aquamarine can create a very visual meditative experience.  When you use Aquamarine while meditating, begin by holding it in your hand or lap, and then close your eyes and imagine yourself floating peacefully in the ocean.  Begin to breathe in the soft water carrying you sweetly, embracing every part of your body with love and warmth.  Allow yourself to feel the sun kissing your skin, and maybe you can even hear dolphins chirping happily in the distance.  Allow yourself to feel safe and soft, and start to observe your breathing.  Begin to slow down the rhythm of your breath, and feel your breath moving through you like a wave.  Take at least 10 deep and slow cycles of breath this way, and enjoy the peaceful journey that Aquamarine will take you on.  It’s a journey to inner peace, to a deeper connection, to beauty and serenity.  


Aquamarine loves the magnetic powers of the moon and can be charged in your windowsill at night.  You can relax in a bath with Aquamarine by your tub side, or keep one next to your bedside to call in peaceful dreams and a deep, calming sleep.  

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