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An Open Letter to the Skeptics

A lot of people think the metaphysical properties of crystals are bullshit. I can't tell you how many people make fun of me when I say I sell crystals for a living. I've even had friends of mine say, "When do you think these people are going to find out you're ripping them off?"

Or, my personal favorite, “I always thought you seemed really logical so I'm surprised you're doing this."

This is my response: I'm extremely logical. I'm also extremely driven, so I'm open to changing my beliefs and trying new things to achieve my goals.

Let's get one thing straight. Crystals don't do the work. They are a catalyst that helps YOU do the work.

I had a client who had crippling anxiety about public speaking. When she was asked to speak at a conference of 500 of her peers, she turned to me. I gave her a blue kyanite, a stone known to help with communication and clarity of mind when addressing a group of people.

She ended up KILLING IT and getting a standing ovation. A standing ovation!! This is the same woman who had a breakdown giving a presentation to a conference room of 10 people, let alone 50x that!

Was it the crystal? Did the blue kyanite morph into her doppelgänger, hop up on the podium and deliver a speech to end all speeches? No. She did that. What the stone did was assist in clearing her mind and calming her nerves. It was like a little life coach in her pocket giving her the confidence she needed.

If you suffer from anxiety, if you suffer from depression, if you suck at relationships, if you can't figure out what you want your career to be, I mean hell even if you can't decide which car to buy, if you need help and you've tried everything else why wouldn't you try using a crystal? If I handed you a piece of natural citrine and told you it was the stone of abundance and that if you used it properly you'd have your dream salary by the end of the year, would you really let your pride stand in the way? Would you really allow your judgement to keep you from what you want?

I can't tell you how many clients of mine were haters until they actually gave crystals a sincere shot (mostly to try to prove me wrong). At the VERY least they're super pretty to look at and make show stopping decorations in your house.

Countless people have changed their lives using crystals. If you haven't reached your goal but you refuse to try this avenue (and I know you don't want to hear this), you might not want that goal as bad as you think you do.

Maybe you're right- maybe crystals won't work for you. I guess you need to ask yourself: is it at least worth a try?

Until next time,


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