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If you get so stressed that you consistently find yourself on a one way train to crazy town, Amethyst is for you. I always say it's like nature's Xanax. It's the ultimate tranquilizer. Actually, back in the day they used to believe that Amethyst prevented drunkenness, so they would make cups out of it or wear it around their necks during celebrations. It's used today to help with addictions of all types.


Metaphysical properties:

  • Brings inner peace and tranquility
  • Balances emotions
  • Transmutes negative energy to calming energy
  • Amazing sleep aid
  • Allows fear and doubt to subside and lets your creativity come alive!

Other specs:

  • Chakra: Third and Crown
  • Best for: Pisces
  • Moh's Scale: 7
  • Water friendly: Yes
  • Origin: USA, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Russia, East Africa, India and UK


Always always, you must cleanse, charge and program your crystal. If you don't know how to do that, check it out here.

The last step, programming, is arguably the most important. I sound like a broken record talking about programming so much but it cannot be over-stated.

What you'll say:

"I program you to give me inner peace when I need it."

"I program you to transmute negative energy to positive energy."

"I program you to enhance my creativity and strengthen work flow."

The trick: You MUST believe what you're saying. If you don't believe it, nothing is going to happen. You must hold that Amethyst tight and feel it glowing in your hand as you tell it what you would like it to do for you.


This stone will bring you insane peace of mind and tranquility. Hold it over your heart or your third eye with the points facing away from you. Imagine all of your negative thoughts flowing through the Amethyst and through the points, floating away. Every single thing that's weighing on you, imagine it being transmuted and changed to thoughts of satisfaction, relief, calmness and peace. With every deep breath in you fill yourself up with good thoughts, and every exhale you let go of the bad ones.


If you're restless at night, put Amethyst under your pillow. You can also place an Amethyst wherever tranquility is needed. I like to put Amethyst clusters in my living room and kitchen to harmonize shared spaces.

Amethyst also loves water. Place around your bathroom during a bath for an even deeper calm.


Well that's all for now! Please browse around the blog to find loads of other crystal bios. As always, find me on social media and ask me anything you want. (@yoursoulwarrior).

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